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Barberry Deva, digital pdf: Move Stuck Stagnated Energy

Barberry Deva, digital pdf by Mariah Windsong: Move Stuck & Stagnated Energy, Assists with Precognition & Karmic Issues



Founder Mariah Windsong Couture


About this system:


The Barberry Deva is the spirit of the barberry plant. She is a fine wise spirit who brings you the gifts of dreaming deeply within moments for spiritual journey dreaming. Whilst deep within her relaxing energy you are both fully present within your body and consciously traveling through time.Barberry Deva brings the gifts of precognition for receipt in the dream state that you will remember when the time is right for the information to be known. The Barberry Deva will attend to body health concerns by moving energy that has previously stagnated and this energy is not only within your body.The Barberry Deva helps you release karmic issues anywhere they are.


You will receive 1 distant attunement and 1 digital pdf sent electronically in your choice of English or German.

Barberry Deva, digital pdf: Move Stuck Stagnated Energy


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