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Four Beauties (Exalted Charm &Intrigue), digital PDF: Art of Being Feminine

Exalted Charm and Intrigue of the Four Beauties...Sensuality, art of being feminine AND powerful, succeed in love AND business


Founder Rosemary Noel


Levels 4




Each nuance is spectacular, sensual and light filled. The manual is large, detailed and easy reading.

The Four Beauties are four Chinese woman renowned their beauty, creativity, intelligence, loyalty, respectability, shrewdness and devotion to China. These Four Beauties exemplified the essence of the feminine arts and also executed amazing feats for their country by using tremendous courage, astuteness and beauty to become the most beautiful and significant woman playing a pivotal role to change Chinese history.


About the Four Beauties:


The Four Beauties have endured throughout history. They have brought dynasties to their knees and have inspired artists for generations to depict these four famous beauties of Ancient China. These stories are presented to you in “Her Story” format. Her Stories emphasize the role of women or are told from a woman's perspective. The Four Beauties are amazing her stories… ranging from espionage to seduction; a tad of embellishment and everything in-between.


System Benefits:  

  • Creating Intrigue
  • Creating Aura of Mystery
  • Determination to Succeed
  • Empowerment No Matter What Body Size
  • Mind Power
  • Intelligence
  • Art of Desire
  • Respect
  • Cunning
  • Charm
  • Shrewdness
  • Dazzling Beauty
  • Reconnaissance
  • Uncovering the Truth
  • Karmic Justice
  • Bewitchment
  • Enticement
  • Confidence of Beauty
  • Luminous Aura
  • Cleverness
  • Kindness


The Four Beauties Are:

· Xi Shi

· Wang Zhaojun

· Diao Chan

· Yang Guifei


Manual Includes The Exalted Charm and Intrigue of the Four Beauties Reiki Attunement for Self, Activation for Self, Self Treatment for Self, Treatment for Others and if you are a Reiki Master, you may attune others. 


Included with purchase:


  1.  The original English digital PDF manual delivered electronically by link and,
  2.   Attunement Service x 4 via orb of life / chi ball (wait between levels, email us for next levels)


Four Beauties (Exalted Charm &Intrigue), digital PDF: Art of Being Feminine

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