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Arta Jagad, Universal Money Specialist: PDF+MP3

Founder: Hari Winarso

Prayer?  Yes, Indonesian w/MP3


  • Current Year Online Registered Member
  • Prior Attunement History With Cosmic Goddess Empowerments


This system reflects some of the religious magical beliefs and idealogy of the Indonesian culture as shared by Master Hari Winarso and they are not for everyone!


Remember Cosmic Goddess Empowerments is always 1 of 3 receiving direct from Master Hari!!


About the system:

Master Hari says "Arta Jagad has a meaning as "Universal Money". Arta Jagad is a powerful magickal force to help you out with improving your business and financial affairs. It helps you to acquire wealth, to be prosperous and to have abundance. If your business is facing a financial crisis or problems of bankruptcy, if you ever find yourself deep in debt, this power will also help you out of your problems. The Arta Jagad is a specialist in this field of finances and can help to inspire you with ways in making money.".


Included is  receive 1 distant orb/chi ball attunement and digital manual

Arta Jagad, Universal Money Specialist: PDF+MP3


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