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Ahara Reiki Attunement: Egyptian Healing & Clearing System

Founder Midnight Owl


History of Ahara Reiki

  • Founder writes I received the first symbol and its name, AHARA, in November, 2003 but had no idea what it meant or why I was given itI asked around but no one had ever heard of it, so I let it go for the time being, although I occasionally thought of it and wondered what it was all about.

The second symbol, (Goddess) Isis, (Daughter of Ra)came during a meditation in mid 2004. This time as well as the symbol and the name, I also got the meaning of iI still did nothing about it until the night of 7th August, 2005, when I received 2 more symbols and the details of what they were for and how I was to use themI was told to prepare this energy system of balancing and healing and pass it on to others, so here I am.


  • It is an Ancient Egyptian based energy particularly connected to Isis and Bast. Their energy is very strong when using this energy and they tend to come to help. It s a simple system, using only 4 symbols, and mostly done by intent.



Included with purchase is the original digital PDF manual sent electronically by link and orb of life distant attunement service

Ahara Reiki Attunement: Egyptian Healing & Clearing System

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    The Symbols:

    1. Ahara: Master symbol It governs all the others, and can be used at any time if you are short of time and wish to do a quick healing or cleansing. It magnifies the energy of all the others and acts as a booster.
    2. Isis: This is the cleansing and energizing symbol. It can be drawn either way,Drawn from bottom to top, it removes any negative energy and sends it out to source, where it is transmuted into light.From top to bottom it draws in the universal energy and places it in the body of the recipient, where it distributes itself to where it is needed.By using the symbol in that order, you cleanse the body of negativity and fill it with pure universal energy, creating balance.
    3. Akru is the healing symbol and is used in all forms of healing, whether hands on or distant.

    4. Tet is the symbol for the oneness of all thingIt reminds us that we are all one with everything that is. There is no separation. The spiral reminds us of "As Above, so Below, As Within, so Without"

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