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After Care 1-2 Attunement: For AFTER an event with stress

After Care Cleansing, calm, restoration or integration after many kinds of life experiences & treatments


After Care is for use after any time or experience that is stressful, after a chiropractic session, after divorce/breakup, after change of diet, after too much lovemaking etc there are many uses for After Care.  


About this system:

     Use as often as you feel the need for this assistance.

    After you’ve dealt with the current situation or reason that you have used After Care today, you can, in subsequent activations, address other topics.

    This means that it isn’t necessary that the situation or topic have just occurred, you can lift up to the CARE Team historical reasons that you are now activating After Care for, and they will be glad to help you!


    We are vast beings and just by being on planet Earth and in this reality there is always something to be worked on within us at many levels. Natural spiritual grown in and of itself can be met with resistance from your body.

    This means that even when things are going well and you feel healthy and happy, there is reason to activate After Care. After spiritual growth, after an epiphany or burst of creativity, After Care can help your body and being integrate what has just happened so that you can function optimally.


    With your puchase you will receive distant attunement service via orb of life and

    1 digital  Master Teacher manual in the original English OR German OR Russian translation sent electronically by link.

    After Care 1-2 Attunement: For AFTER an event with stress

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    • This After Care energy system is a fabulously effective, easy to use yet comprehensive energy. Its uses are varied. You will get much use out of After Care both after difficult experiences and after other appointments with other healing modalities. After Care is for use after any time or experience that is stressful. Stress can be experienced even after positive uplifting and life changing experiences. This is because stress is the body’s response to change, your intensity of emotion or being exposed to other people’s intensity of emotion.

      After Care tends to your being and body to bring cleansing, calm, restoration or integration after many kinds of life experiences or treatments. One of the first uses of After Care that I was shown is after a person has gone to a Chiropractor. A chiropractor adjusts or seeks to move the bones of any joint in your body. After this movement, the muscles, and connective tissues are in a different position. It is the connective tissues and muscles which, for the most part, hold the bones and joints in place.

      Even good change is change. Change can be perceived by a human body as good or bad or neutral. Even if it is positive change, the change can be stressful. Often, the chiropractic visit is just the first part of your healing that day. This is where After Care comes in to help. When you activate After Care, the CARE Teamenergetically arrives and assesses your situation.

      For example, you will likely find great benefit from activating After Care after any of these experiences:

      • After chiropractic adjustments
      • After loss of a loved one
      • After busy or disturbing night dreams
      • After Acupuncture treatments
      • After massage sessions
      • After accident or illness
      • After arguments
      • After physical exercise
      • After vigorous lovemaking
      • After family gatherings
      • After a change of diet
      • After the ending of smoking or taking pharmaceutical or other drugs
      • After reducing alcohol intake
      • After surgery of any kind
      • After sub-space
      • After shamanic journeys or astral travel
      • After mental strain, stimulation or studying
      • After a break-up


    • The teacher manual requires you to be a Usui Reiki Master.

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