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999 Moon-Light Power Force, digital PDF: Increase Momentum, New Projects

New Projects, Clarify Ideas, Increase Momentum & More



April 2023


Founder Master Hari Andri Winarso



Master Hari writes:

  • 999 Moon-Light Power Force is a powerful modality that is primarily provided for its energy, and not so much for providing healing or treatment techniques. The benefits of the 999 Moon-Light Power Force are numerous. It helps to connect us with our personal dreams and provides the power to bring our intentions into life. This stimulating and empowering energy attunement increases our momentum in visualizing and recognizing our goals, and in strengthening our deepest spirit, so that we may attain them. It clarifies our ideas and helps us to remember our dreams more fully.
  • The 999 Moon-Light Power Force gives us a magical blend of extreme energy and drive with a profound sense of self-awareness that feels like it stretches back into the dawn of time. It stimulates our enthusiasm for life, for new adventures, and getting started on new projects. It could stimulate our ability to see alternatives and to grasp new ideas, rather than being held back by following old habits. 
  • This attunement is also deeply associated with sensuality and sexual joy, making it perfect for kick-starting our creativity, exuberance, fertility, and creativity. So, we might find this attunement helpful at any time when we need an injection of youthful energy, or when we need to re-connect with our creativity.
  • The 999 Moon-Light Power Force helps those feelings of being overwhelmed by life, by the choices, the possibilities, the hundreds of demands on us - made by family, partner, friends, work, and society. This attunement can help us regain a sense of balance and peace in the madness.
  • The 999 Moon-Light Power Force also helps us release old patterns, prejudices, and negative feelings, leaving us feeling buoyant and full of hope. AND MORE IN MANUAL


You will receive with purchase:

  • Orb or life/chi ball distant attunement service and the original English translation digital PDF manual delivered electronically by link


  • 2023 Online Registered Members - Who have registered or updated membership in 2023 and are students, may select a BOGO, If you are registered in 2023 as a student non-teacher you may select a single system gift of equal or lesser value, please email that selection. Teachers or Professionals BOGO does not apply.

999 Moon-Light Power Force, digital PDF: Increase Momentum, New Projects


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