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Essence of Aeracura, L2, The Blossoming Goddess, digital PDF

2023, Essence of Aeracura - The Blossoming Goddess, Level 2 Digital PDF by Rosemary Noel: Your life is not a dress rehearsal, time to live it!


The Essence of Aeracura - The Blossoming Goddess is an energy essence, channeled by Spiritual Elder, Divine Feminine Faciliator and Crone Goddess Rosemary Noel



Prerequisite: Level 1

Level 2:  Level 2 is the Practitioner  Activate energy for a loved one and but resell, attune others nor post content of manual for healings, sessions, readings etc.



From the copyrighted and licensed manual:


"Goddess Aeracura is a Celtic and Germanic Goddess who multitasks as an Earth Mother, Fairy Queen and a bridge between life on earth and the hereafter. Her role is to help us put our goals and challenges into perspective".


Aeracura is a Goddess devoted to blossoming, reminding us that the journey and manifestation are parts of the adventure.


Her message is:

“You are just getting started, so have patience with yourself and the process and do not give up on yourself.”


Call upon Goddess Aeracura for:








The manual also includes correspondences for Aeracura.


Manual Includes:


  • Activation for Others
  • Essence of Aeracura Invocation for Others:
  • Clearing Your Path Energetic Treatment for Others


Purchase Includes:

Included is the orginal PDF Level 2 manual delivered electronically by link and orb of life attunement service.

Essence of Aeracura, L2, The Blossoming Goddess, digital PDF

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