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Blood Oxygen Power Force, digital PDF: Resist Disease, Repel Viruses

2023, Blood Oxygen Power Force, digital PDF: Resist Disease, Supports the Immune System, Repel Bacterium Viruses, Protect Body Organs



15 January 2022

Founder Ananta Lucian

Practitioner PDF (not a teacher attunement)


On a Cellular Level the Body Needs Oxygen To:


1. Resist Disease: Oxygen supports the immune system, when there is low oxygen in the tissues, it is an indicator for disease. Oxygen is needed to repel microorganisms of bacterium, virus, and fungus.

2. Generate Energy: All of our cells need oxygen to generate energy to perform every operation.

3. Replace Cells: Oxygen helps cell replacement for cells that are worn out.

4. Prevent Organ Damage: Low blood oxygen can cause tragic maladies and damage different organ systems, especially the heart and brain.

5. Avoid Deprivation of Essential Nutrients for Clearing Out Toxins and Waste: Blood and body fluids become toxic with low oxygen levels.

6. Prevent a Weakened Body System: Lack of oxygen weakens every bodily system and is the main cause of disease. It weakens the immune system, which can lead to viral infections, DNA mutations, pathogenic bacteria, inflammation, heart disease, toxic buildup in blood, and premature aging.


Compromised Blood Oxygen Levels Can Result From:

1. Being Deprived Of An Oxygen Rich Environment,

2. Viral Disease Such COVID-19, Influenza, , Pneumonia,

3. Emphysema,

4. COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease),

5. Asthma,

6. Sleep Apnea,

7. Severe Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome,

8. Smoking/Vaping.


About Blood Oxygen Power Force:

Our cells were intended to be present in an oxygen rich environment. The manufacture of life sustaining energy in our body occurs within our cellular mitochondria via oxygen respiration.

Blood Oxygen Power Force© was channeled to energetically assist to help you to preserve a proper equilibrium of oxygen in the blood which is essential for general health. It works energetically and another benefit is it can can provide motivation for you to release a sedentary lifestyle and to practice deep breathing daily!


Much more information is provided in the manual eBook.


Included is the original English eBook PDF manual delivered electronically by link and orb of life attunement 

Blood Oxygen Power Force, digital PDF: Resist Disease, Repel Viruses

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