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15 Crystal Gemstone Attunement Mega Package: Stronger than the Ethereals


Founder Ole Gabrielsen


Buy One Get One Free? No.

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Prerequisite for Bundles and Packages: Our packages and bundles are exclusively available for our active, currently enrolled online registered student members. "Active" refers to members registered online within the current year who have received prior attunement services from us. Teachers/Professionals in any capacity are excluded from our student offerings. any capacity are not eligible for this offer..


                                     *** Updated Gemstone Energies From Ole ***




15 powerful gemstone attunements that can help promote prosperity, happiness, personal strength, and mental abilities! It's also known that the energies of crystals can help us to gain more peace & better sleep.


The combined benefits from the gemstone energies:


• Infuse into water to create powerful "healing elixirs"

• Works on all 7 chakras

• Optimism & Self-confidence

• Help communicate with the spirit world

• Help open you to the ability to channel

• Discovering yourself & your deepest potential

• Helps dissolve blocks

• Excellent in combination with Reiki and other energy modalities

• Protection

• Abundance

• Chakra Balancing

• Stand-alone healing system

• No pre-requisites


This Package Has 15 System Manuals Merged Into 1 PDF for Cosmic Goddess Empowerments Student Members. This mega package contains the following attunements below:


  • Amethyst Essence
  • Azurite Essence
  • Carnelian Essence
  • Citrine Essence
  • Emerald Essence
  • Lepidolite Essence
  • Moonstone Essence
  • Morganite Essence
  • Red Jasper Essence
  • Rhodonite Essence
  • Rose Quartz Essence
  • Sodalite Essence
  • Strawberry Quartz
  • Sunstone Essence
  • Unakite Essence


Ole writes:

Q: What's the difference between these singular Gemstone attunements and the Ethereal Crystals attunements?

A: The singular attunements are stronger.


Included is 1 digital PDF manual and orb of life / chi ball distant attunements sent 3 a day Monday through Friday until completed. 

15 Crystal Gemstone Attunement Mega Package: Stronger than the Ethereals

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