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Medical Intuitive Power Force Self Use Attunement: Psychic Scanning for Illness

 Ascertain Disharmony and Energetic Blockages In the Body, Psychic Body Scans for Illness, Disease, and more!



16 May 2022

Founder Master Ananta Lucian 

Levels:  This listing is for level 1 of 3 for Self Use 



Medical Intuitive Healer Power Force© works in improving the medical intuitive healing perceptions and to propel AND unleash a divine powerfulness at the highest levels to boost the sacred and divine vibrational power of your medical intuitive healer abilities.


Medical Intuitive Healer Power Force© Level 1 helps to boost the current ability of the Medical Intuitive to better ascertain energetic disharmonies within in their own body as disharmonious energy clusters often initiate as a few cells and if go unchecked without medical treatment become a local invasion or enter the bloodstream at Level 1 you are more perceptive to your own body consciousness. 


Medical Intuitive Healer Power Force© Level 1 also assists in enhancing the medical intuitives current range of self healing during holistic healing applications after the discovery of the cause and location of the disharmonious maladies within the body. It helps the medical intuitive to amalgamate the trinity of intuition, empathy and healing to help resolve self-disharmonious energy.



A note about Medical Intuitives:

This system will not make you a Medical Intuitive. Many professional reiki healers and psychics have the intuitive empathic responsiveness of a Medical Intuitive. Only the licensed medical professional can legally diagnose and treat illness or disease. Unless you are a medically trained and degreed doctor, you should stay far from any diagnosis or treatment.


Included with purchase is the original digital English PDF manual delivered electronically by link and orb of life / chi ball attunement service


Medical Intuitive Power Force Self Use Attunement: Psychic Scanning for Illness

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