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Magickal Shaman's Medicine Bag, digital PDF: Divine Vessel

Magickal Shaman's Medicine Bag, Practitioner, digital pdf: Divine vessel for healing, abundance, manifestation, journeying, releasing spirits




Founder Ananta Lucian

Levels 1 - Practitioner - For self and sharing energies with loved ones but not attuning them



Ananta writes: "The medicine bag is a divine vessel or container and a significant item used by the Shaman. It holds crystals, talismans, charms, herbs and other items imbued with metaphysical powers. The medicine bag may contain items to be used for healing, manifestation, drawning down down good spirits, releasing negative spirits and more".

After your attunement you can activate a specific ethereal medicine bag energy, your selections include:

  • Shaman’s Abundance Medicine Bag
  • Shaman’s Calling Down Favorable Spirits Medicine Bag
  • Shaman’s Healing Medicine Bag
  • Shaman’s Increase Personal Powers Increase Medicine Bag
  • Shaman’s Journeying Assist Medicine Bag
  • Shaman’s Love Medicine Bag
  • Shaman’s Manifestation Medicine Bag
  • Shaman’s Mojo Medicine Bag
  • Shaman’s Relationship Repair Medicine Bag
  • Shaman’s Releasing Bad Spirits Medicine Bag
  • Shaman’s Spirit Guide Connection Medicine Bag
  • Shaman’s Protection Medicine Bag"





Ananta writes: "Magickal Shaman’s Medicine Bag Activation was channeled to connect you with your personal Shaman Medicine Man or Woman, in the spirit realms to receive the spiritual essence of the ethereal medicine bag.


Your personal Shaman Elder essentially asks the favorable spirit to join him/her in the energetic ritual ceremony at the sacred holy fire to create and bring forth the energy of the medicine bags containing all the magickal frequencies and ethereal tools such as crystals, charms, herbs, tailsman etc so you can use any of the specific medicine bags for your treatment or the treatment of your loved ones.


Included is the original digital PDF manual for your personal usage and sharing with others but not attuning them, delivered electronically by link and orb of life distant attunement service

Magickal Shaman's Medicine Bag, digital PDF: Divine Vessel

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