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Essential Force of Ganesh Buddhi Exclusive Attunement

2022, Essential Force of Ganesh Buddhi, digital PDF: Enhance Critical Thinking, Remove Negative Mind Patterns Keeping You from Success & Happiness


Founder: KP. Hari Andri Winarso Wartonagoro


Know the Origins of Your Systems: A Message to Cosmic Goddess Empowerments Students


At Cosmic Goddess Empowerments, knowing the origins of your systems and teacher is essential for ensuring authenticity and integrity in your spiritual practices. This helps guarantee that you are accessing a genuine energy source, not a counterfeit or an unauthorized translation.


For the past 14+ years, Cosmic Goddess Empowerments has been the Accredited Teacher for Master Hari. Our students benefit from authentic energy transmissions received directly from the Source—Master Hari—and delivered to you as intended. By adhering to these practices, we ensure that you receive the full benefits of true energy transmissions, maintaining the highest standards of spiritual integrity.


About this offering:


Mantra? Yes 

Mudra? Yes




Buddhi: ( Sanskrit बुद्धì 7; ) refers to the intellectual ability and the power to "form and retain concepts, reason, discern, judge, comprehend, understand"


Ganesh: Lord Ganesh (Ganesha) is the God of Intellect


About Essential Force of Ganesh Buddhi:


Exclusive to Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students:


Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students, step into the divine realm of Essential Force of Ganesh Buddhi. This sacred channeling connects Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students to Ganesha, the lord of intellect, enhancing critical thinking and dissolving negative patterns hindering happiness and success. This force can help Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students to heighten your intuitive discernment.  Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students say it has helped them by aiding adaptability in changing situations.


Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students can embrace swifter decision-making and making optimal choices with confidence, empowering Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students journey towards clarity, wisdom, and resilience. Invoke Ganesha's presence, feel his guidance, and trust in the divine wisdom within you.


Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students embrace this transformative power, unlocking doors to boundless growth and enlightenment, align with your true purpose and highest potential. May the blessings of Ganesha infuse your journey with joy, abundance, and limitless possibilities. You are powerful beyond measure. Read about these wonderful benefits from Master Hari's words in his eBook designed for exclusively for Cosmic Goddess Empowerments.


Included with purchase is the original digital Practioner PDF manual delivered electronically by link and orb of life attunement.



Essential Force of Ganesh Buddhi Exclusive Attunement


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