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Tachyon Magnetic Chromium Diffuser, Self-Use no BOGO: Protection Technology

2021, Tachyon Magnetic Chromium Diffuser, Self-Use no BOGO digital PDF, by Mariah Windsong: A Spiritual Protective Technology - Deflect ill intentions


February 2021

Founder Mariah Windsong Couture

Levels 1 - For Self Use Only - Personal Use Only

Buy 1 Get 1 Free? No



Tachyon Magnetic Chromium Diffuser replaces Amplified Tachyon Mirror Body Deflector

Tachyon Magnetic Chromium Diffuser is a spiritual protective technology that you have the privilege of placing around your body after you’ve received your attunement into this energy system.


Tachyons are described by theoretical physicists as energy particles that move faster than light. For the purposes of this energy system, tachyons are speedier than any energy that is aiming to interfere with you and your energy body. A spiritual technology that includes tachyons in it provides an additional layer of protection that is flexible and quick to intercept energies of ill intent aimed at you. It can also assist to deflect away from you any energies that are not in accord with you.


Chromium’s magnetic qualities can capture the adverse or discordant energies before they can reach you. Tachyon energy works with Eternal Sacred Source to diffuse that which is not right for you. Chromium’s reflective quality will then assist to reflect back out to Source the diffused energies.


Tachyon Magnetic Chromium Diffuser is superb at diffusing adverse affects of astrological energies as well as radio wave pollution.


If you are involved in activist activities and there are people who are angry with you for highlighting the topics that you are seeking change for, then please activate your Tachyon Magnetic Chromium Diffuser several times a day.


It is helpful for those who are empaths or sensitive to the feelings of other people. This is important because other people’s energies can throw you out of balance even when there was no malevolent intent.


If a person or group of people do bad works against you, Tachyon Magnetic Chromium Diffuser can assist to diffuse their intentions.


Included with purchase:

The original English PDF PERSONAL USE manual sent electronically by link and orb of life distant attunement service.

Tachyon Magnetic Chromium Diffuser, Self-Use no BOGO: Protection Technology

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