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Structure Care, Practitioner Attunement, No BOGO, Mariah Windsong

2021, Structure Care, Practitioner PDF, No BOGO, Mariah Windsong: Learn Structure/Interior Sanctification, Room Blessing, My Space Vibration Infusions


28 March 2021

Founder: Mariah Windsong Couture

Levels 1 - Practitioner system allows you self use and sharing energies with but not attuning others.


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Structure Care energy system helps to clear away stagnant, obsolete and adverse energies in the buildings. Emotional imprints from other people’s emotional struggles can be dropped away and the vibrations personalized for you or whoever will be spending time in that space.

Invoking a blessing for a building’s structure and interior space is an important step towards being more comfortable while spending time inside. Please note that the structure sanctification, interior spaces sanctification and structure blessings are for those who own the property, if one does not own the property permission would be needed, writes Mariah.  

Included with purchase is the original English PDF digital PRACTITIONER manual delivered electronically by link and orb of life attunement service. We are an Accredited Reseller of Mariah Windsong systems and we have been attuned to the Master degree.

Structure Care, Practitioner Attunement, No BOGO, Mariah Windsong

  • 1. Structure Sanctification clears and purifies the building’s physical structure. If you don’t have dominion over the building then you must receive permission from someone who does prior to activating this energy function. 

     2. Interior Spaces Sanctification clears and purifies the building interior spaces. The same rules apply in regards to only activating this energy system for an interior space that you are in charge of/have dominion over or permission to make energetic changes in.

     3. Structure Blessing is a blessing for the building’s physical structure. It helps the structure hold the exalted vibration of Eternal Sacred Source and remain free of adverse influences or attachments for a while. 

     4. Interior Spaces Blessing blesses the interior spaces no matter the number of walls or shape of each of the spaces. This blessing is for all of the interior spaces, not simply your personal room(s). 

    The other functions are:

    5. My Space Vibration

    6. Room Blessing

    7. My Room Good Vibes

    8. Structure Strength Enhancement for the physical strength of a structure.

    After your attunement you may activate the functions of the system and learn how to use them!

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