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Fire Essence Attunement: For Parasites, Energy Leaks, Physical Vibrations


Master Hari Winarso elucidates that Fire Essence is harnessed to aid Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students in the eradication of energy blockages and parasites present in auric layers by establishing an energetic barrier around Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students. This barrier serves to stabilize and uphold clarity within Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students aura, thwarting energy leakage, while simultaneously amplifying physical vibrations and more you will find in Master Hari's own words in his manual. غضب الله Due to the prevalence of authorized copying, translations and theft of content, it is important that Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students kown that Cosmic Goddess Empowerments has been the original accredited reseller for over 14 years and is the accredited reseller of this offering, Cosmic Goddess Empowerments guarantees the authenticity and integrity of the energy transmitted by Master Hari to Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students. Our commitment to maintaining the purity and integrity of the energy teachings and the passing of energy remains steadfast, ensuring that our students receive genuine and potent transmissions directly from the source as presented to you in the Cosmic Goddess Empowerments offerings and the wrath of God to those who steal.


Includes: Distant attunement service by orb of life English translation digital pdf sent electronically by link 

Fire Essence Attunement: For Parasites, Energy Leaks, Physical Vibrations


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