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Eternal Trikaya 2 PDF & Attunement: Exalted Anointing Melchizedek, Metatron++

2016,  2 PDF's Master & Self Use Digital PDF, Eternal Trikaya: Exalted Anointing of Osiris, Michael, Melchizedek, Metatron, Jesus, Elijah and More


9 August 2016

Manuals by Mariah Windsong Couture

Photo Credit: Thank you Stein Erik Paulsen for permission to use!

Prerequisite: Reiki Master to Pass to others


Eternal Trikaya is a synergy of the exalted trinitized anointing energies of each set of these beings whose lives on Earth have been recorded in various sacred texts.




Moses - Jesus - Elijah

Metatron - Michael - Melchizedek

Osiris - Egyptian Goddess I - Horus


  Their exalted presence when trinitized together bring new opportunities for you. Any old association their names may have previously evoked have been erased. Eternal beings, when living in human bodies here on Earth have made mistakes and at times aligned with ideas, plans and powers that were less than uplifting. 


Have you ever wanted to receive an anointing from the highest aspects of beings you have read about? If so, this energy system will be a great blessing for you. Keys of Enoch described Trikaya as: A body trinity vehicle which is beyond duality.


  Each of these Eternal Trikaya are sacred energy garments that you wear and integrate into your light body. You might wear all three at once or find that you prefer to wear one at certain times and another for other spiritual endeavors. 

  Eternal Trikaya Anointing is constantly being upgraded to the next highest expression of their divine attributes, made accessible for you! This energy system is comprised of three anointings which together comprise the complete energy system of these garments.sters for multiple manifestations and configurations in teaching Divine Laws.


Includes 1 digital pdf Master digital e-book manual AND 1 digital pdf Personal Use manual sent electronically and attunement service, instructions in manuals.  

Eternal Trikaya 2 PDF & Attunement: Exalted Anointing Melchizedek, Metatron++

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