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Bundle: Tenaga Dalam Cahaya Pancasona + Booster: Invulnerability Power

This listing includes the original system plus the booster.



Founder Master Hari Andri Winarso


Prayer? Yes, manual delivered by Cosmic Goddess Empowerments will provide the Original OR English translation Prayer as well as information on your required Cleanse Prior to Initiation


Accredited Reseller: Since 2010, Cosmic Goddess Empowerments is the original selected by founder, accredited licensed reseller of this system.



  • Current Year Online Registered Student Member for 40 days and
  • Prior attunement service with us


System 1: Tenaga Dalam Cahaya Pancasona:


Tenaga Dalam Cahaya Pancasona simplifies the mastery of Pancasona, bypassing rigorous practices. This practice taps into energy from Sky, Earth, Mountain, Sea, and Heaven, forming the transformative Pancasona energy pattern.


Benefits could include:


  • Energy Absorption:

    • Initiation facilitates energy absorption from Sky, Earth, Mountain, Sea, and Heaven, manifesting the Pancasona energy pattern.
  • Comprehensive Protection:

    • Pancasona creates a robust shield against physical assaults, black magic, and attacks with swords or blades.
  • Enhanced Power and Healing:

    • Beyond defense, Pancasona boosts physical stamina, inner strength, and accelerates healing processes.
  • Charismatic Presence:

    • Tenaga Dalam Cahaya Pancasona cultivates compelling charisma, earning practitioners honor, respect, and societal recognition.
  • Courage and Self-Confidence:

    • The practice fosters courage and self-confidence, empowering individuals to face challenges with resilience.
  • Additional Benefits:

    • Cahaya Pancasona offers heightened spiritual awareness, mental clarity, and a deeper connection with the self


System 2 - 2019 Cahaya Pancasona Booster:

  • Prerequisite: Tenaga Dalam Cahaya Pancasona


Cahaya Pancasona Booster was channeled and created for boosting the power of Tenaga Dalam Cahaya Pancasona 100%.



With purchase you will receive:

English translation digital manual PDF delivered electronically by link initiation attunement service by orb of life

Bundle: Tenaga Dalam Cahaya Pancasona + Booster: Invulnerability Power

  • Pancasona is one of the most famous of the ancient Javanese wisdom knowledges from the Javanese ancestors, especially King Angling Dharma. Pancasona is a powerful magickal protection that assists to protect from any dangers and crimes. Hari says it may be can be invulnerability power and that there are many others benefits of this Pancasona 

     Hari writes further that this has been known and proven from hundreds years ago, that it is very difficult to learn and master this Pancasona – you would need a long time practices, fasting, etc. Hari says that his Tenaga Dalam Cahaya Pancasona is an effective way to learn and master the power of Pancasona, but without the long time practices, hard exercises, and fasting. 

  • The Javanese and Indonesian culture is rich in spiritual esoteric, magickal, and mystical practices and this system delivered by the accredited reseller who received attunements direct from founder is an example of such practices which include prayers and ritual. It is an esoteric empowerment that has its roots in Indonesian esoteric or magickal knowledge and is not for everyone.

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