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Bad Chi Space Clearing, digital PDF, Clear Bad Attacking Low Chi Energy

2022, Bad Chi Space Clearing, digital PDF by Manuela Marques: Clear bad & attacking low chi energies to a space & attract good chi


Founder Manuela Marques

Level 1: Practitioner for self use and sharing energy with others but not attuning



We absorb the chi of the spaces we inhabit, and we reflect the chi energy we absorb. Bad chi is called Sha chi. Good chi, called Sheng chi.


Bad Chi Space Clearing Activation was channeled to release unbalanced, stagnant and adverse chi in a space.Bad Chi Space Clearing Activation assists not only to clear the bad and attacking Sha chi, and assists to clear the lower chi energies called Si chi.


Bad Chi Space Clearing Activation then helps you to attract good chi, called sheng chi, also referred to as the dragon’s breath. This is the beautiful free flowing, positive energy to a space to increase health, prosperity and wellbeing in the life.


Included with purchase is the digital pdf Practitioners manual sent electronically by link and orb of life chi ball attunement service


Bad Chi Space Clearing, digital PDF, Clear Bad Attacking Low Chi Energy

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