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2021, Obsolete Life Lessons Imprint Remover, digital PDF: Life Mastery

2021, Obsolete Life Lessons Imprint Remover, Teachers digital PDF, NO BOGO, by Mariah Windsong: Birthright Blessing Renewal, Life Mastery Empowerment


June 2021

Founder Mariah Windsong


Buy 1 Get 1 Free? No - per Founder the Master & Teacher system is not available as buy 1 get 1 free



This energy system is of such a personal nature, that is it best activated by the person who wants obsolete life lesson imprints removed. With the teacher manual you may attune others so the other person may attune and activate functions for themselves.


Obsolete Life Lessons Imprint Remover contains several energy functions including Birthright Blessing Renewal, Life Mastery Empowerment, and Body Blessing and consists of two attunements. There are energy functions to renew your birthright blessings and to bless your body as well as energies to assist you to work better with your body.


Cosmic Goddess Empowerments Members Are You:

  • Difficulty achieving your goals?
  • Playing it 'too safe' when it comes to new opportunities?
  • Do you have the best of intentions, but lack follow through?
  • Is there this indescribable feeling of holding back when you really want to engage in a new experience?


The human body is charged with keeping itself and the spirit residing in it (you) as safe as possible. So Cosmic Goddess Empowerments members, when bad experiences happened to you, your body recorded all the circumstances leading up to and involved in that experience or experiences. Then, Cosmic Goddess Empowerments members, your body tries to steer you away from anything resembling that experience in the future.


Cosmic Goddess Empowerments members, the life lessons your body and you received from going through a difficult or terrible experience is recorded as an imprint. All of the imprints from life lessons are referred to constantly as you move through life and enter into new experience. Yes, Cosmic Goddess Empowerments members, you might not even notice the similarity to a previous bad experience as you agree to a job, accept a project or even deepen in a relationship.


BUT, ohhhh Cosmic Goddess Empowerments members YOUR BODY DOES! You might feel resistance and have difficulty in forging ahead. Or you start off wonderfully and face roadblocks UP along the way.


Cosmic Goddess Empowerments, as sovereign beings you must be able to take good care of yourself and your body, but your must stand in your truth and be an equal partner, helping your body to watch out for danger. In that way, some lessons of the past that no longer serve you, can truly be obsolete. Yes members these lessons can be way obsolete.


Cosmic Goddess Empowerments members, Obsolete Life Lessons Imprint Remover brings in personalized Eternal Sacred Source energy and you learn to have it administered by your helping healing guides angels and guardians to lesson your body's concerns and then assist 


Walk In Benefit:

Some people have additional challenges related to being the second inhabitant of their body. Cosmic Goddess Empowerment members if you were not the person born into your body that is called a 'walk in'. A walk in must adapt to living in a body that has been vacated by the one who was born in. You are installed into the now, your body and may still have access to the previous person's memories. The life you live is populated with relationships entered into by the previous occupant. The walk in has a special need to utilize Obsolete Life Lessons Imprint Remover because the guideposts that their body is using to help steer them away from unwelcome experiences do not align with their needs.


Mastering Life:

Cosmic Goddess Empowerments members, mastering life whether you are born into your body or walked into it at a later date is something wonderful to aspire to and can be easier with the help of this energy system for your personal use.


Included with purchase is the Teachers English digital PDF for your self-use and sharing attunements with others and orb of life / chi ball attunement service

2021, Obsolete Life Lessons Imprint Remover, digital PDF: Life Mastery

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