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Fountain of Youth Elixir 2025 Energy Upgrade, Practitioner Attunements 1-5

Fountain of Youth Elixir 2025 Upgrade, Practitioner levels 1-5 , 1 digital pdf: For help with chromosome recalibration, telomeres, pineal gland, hypothalamus


Founder Rosemary Noel

Prerequisite Reiki Master
Levels 5 - Practitioner Manual:
For self-use, activating energies for self, activating energies but not attuning others.
About this system:
Master Rosemary Noel writes that the Fountain of Youth is an enchanted spring that restores the youth of anyone who drinks of its waters. While it is a myth that the Fountain of Youth actually exists; the Fountain of Youth lives on as a simile for anything that has the potential to increase longevity, restore youth and vitality. This is why I chose the title of this energy system.
Benefits of the Fountain of Youth Elixir:
  • Strengthened Immune system
  • Self-Perpetuation
  • Renewal of Impaired Physical Functioning
  • Cellular Regeneration'
  • Genetic Blueprint Clearing
  • Ancestral Line Clearing
  • Detoxification/Purification
  • Glowing Aura
  • Youthfulness
  • Hair Growth
  • Depression Removal
  • Vitality Energy


The  Fountain of Youth Elixir is brought forth from Eternal Sacred Source to assist in recalibration of your physical body. Humans have 100 trillion cells whose typical size is 10 micrometers. They are organized as an interconnected network and function to carry out molecule transport, reproduction & energy conversion.


There are 5 levels to this system:
Level 1: Chromosome Recalibration Elixir
Level 2: Telomer Elixir
Level 3: Pineal Gland Elixir
Level 4: Hypothalamus Elixir
Level 5: Practitioner
Included is the original Fountain of Youth Elixir 2025 system practitioner digital e-manual pdf delivered digitally by link and 5 distant attunement via orb of life method sent electronically by link, with a wait of 3 days between levels. When you are ready for the next level please email use.  We deliver attunements Monday through Friday

Fountain of Youth Elixir 2025 Energy Upgrade, Practitioner Attunements 1-5

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