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2020, Nourish Nature, digital pdf by Mariah Windsong: Nourish plants, trees

2020, Nourish Nature, digital pdf by Mariah Windsong, Student Member Offering: A Life enhancing energy and nourishment for plants, trees and more!


30 August 2020

Founder Mariah Windsong Couture



For our student members.  Nourish Nature arrived out of a strong need and want to help all of the living growing plant life on this planet Earth. Changing weather patterns, strong winds, fires, floods, drought, pestilence and human activities are major threats to plants and trees. Plants and trees are sentient beings, with awareness and a feeling sense. Give them extra nourishment in person or at a distance after your attunement by activating this energy system today. Help to support the trees and plants that you care about by activating an energy stream for them which helps them be more connected with one another and receive nourishment they need so much.

Nourish Nature can help these plants and trees more easily receive the exact energetic support that they need from Eternal Sacred Source. Think of all the plants and trees that you care about, be they houseplants or the trees or plants in your yard. If you grow plants for food production, these might be in the ground if you have garden space or in containers. After your attunement, whenever you hear about natural disasters or other weather or man-made conditions that have put stress on plants and trees you'll have an easy way to positively support the plants and trees anywhere they are!


Included is the English digital pdf sent electronically by link and orb of life attunement service

2020, Nourish Nature, digital pdf by Mariah Windsong: Nourish plants, trees

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