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Fractal Reiki, 1-3 Attunement: Replenish Fractals & Run Multi Systems at Once

2019, Fractal Reiki, 1-3 Master pdf by Mariah Windsong: Move Thru the Microacupressure System, replenish fractal structures & MORE


Founder Mariah Windsong Couture


Levels 3 - Included in 1 manual

Prerequisites: Usui Reiki Master or Seichim Master to attune others



Yes for our online registered students but must be a main selection not a free one. 



Fractal Reiki is a very exciting form of Reiki because of the inherent natural patterns fractals form. Fractal Reiki will easily replenish, repair and encourage
regeneration of your body. Fractal Reiki is well accepted even by people
who may have been resistant to reiki because a human body recognizes the biological design with the energy as familiar.

Fractal Reiki Level 1
Fractal Reiki will move through your microacupuncture systems, as they are
fractalizations; results of universal mathematical laws in living nature. Fractal Reiki moves through already established meridians in your body and easily replenishes all fractal structures and pathways. Bronchial tubes, arteries, brain, alveolar membranes, inner and outer mitochondrial membranes, and Endoplasmic Reticulum are all fractals. So much of your body will naturally resonate with Fractal Reiki.

Fractal Reiki Level 2
Fractal Reiki 2 is a template that flows perfectly unto you the energies and functions of systems you have already been attuned to.


Level 2 of Fractal Reiki introduces two innovative templates: 'Self-Selecting' and 'List and Go!' These templates are designed to seamlessly integrate Reiki with natural fractal patterns, allowing practitioners to channel energies from systems they are attuned to. The 'Self-Selecting' template facilitates the flow of appropriate energies for up to 90 minutes, while the 'List and Go!' function enables practitioners to specify desired energy systems, attunements, or functions, resulting in tailored energy streams.

Fractal Reiki level 3
Fractal Reiki level 3 is a significant boost of Fractal Reiki energy flow bearing resonance with the canopie style of fractals. Many of your bodys structures and systems are fractal canopies in design.



With purchase you will receive:

Original digital e-manual sent electronically & 3 distant attunements by orb of life method

Fractal Reiki, 1-3 Attunement: Replenish Fractals & Run Multi Systems at Once

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