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Divine Liquid Love 1-2, Personal Attunement: Replenish Love from Source


Founder Mariah Windsong Couture

Prerequisite: None for the Personal Use




Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students, I want to bring to your attention that these energies have received an upgrade, replacing the original Liquid Love energy system. For those of you who frequent Cosmic Goddess empowerments store you'll be pleased to know that Mariah Windsong's Liquid Love system has evolved. Designed to cater to the changing vibrations of our planet, this upgrade offers a personalized stream of love for each individual. As Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students, you'll find that Liquid Love serves as an ever-flowing source of replenishment, ensuring that you're never reliant on external factors for fulfillment.


Level 2 - Divine Liquid Love

Now, let's explore the incredible level two of this system—Divine Liquid Love. This energy represents the profound love of your Creator directed towards you and your body. With regular use, Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students will discover that Divine Liquid Love has the power to transcend trauma, heal wounds, and fill the void within. Activating this energy regularly aligns us with the heart of Divinity, offering a deep and nourishing experience of Divine love.


The Master and Personal System have 2 Levels, however, the Personal Use System does not have a prerequisite and you cannot confer energies to others.


Included are orb of life attunements and distant manual with upgraded energies  sent electronically

Divine Liquid Love 1-2, Personal Attunement: Replenish Love from Source

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