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Mafdet Goddess of Justice & Protection Attunement:

January 2024


Founder:  Spiritual Elder and Divine Feminine Practitioner Rosemary Nowl



Mafdet, also referred to as Maftet or Mefdet, stands as one of the earliest feline deities in Egyptian mythology, preceding both Bastet and Sekhmet. Her presence in the Egyptian pantheon dates back to the first Dynasty, contrasting with Bastet's emergence in the second Dynasty. Depicted as a woman with the head of a cheetah, Mafdet is often portrayed wearing a headdress adorned with snakes or braids, with scorpion tails dangling like beads from the ends. Additionally, she may manifest as a lynx, leopard, or a feline ascending the executioner's staff. As the guardian of the Pharaoh, Mafdet pledges protection to those close to her.


Maftet embodies the essence of justice and judgment from ancient times. Call upon Mafdet for assistance in expediting justice and judgment with swiftness. Additionally, seek her guidance for protection and healing emotional or energetic wounds that resist recovery.


Included with purchase:

You will receive attunement service via orb of life method & the digital eBook manual sent electronically by link. You may activate with permission for loved ones but pass attunements or eBook.

Mafdet Goddess of Justice & Protection Attunement:

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