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Updated 2020 Virus Inhibitor Field System Attunement: Be Less Hospital For Virus

This Field Helps Your Body Be Less Hospitable for Viruses to Live


9 February 2020

Levels 1:

BOGO? Yes for our student members but this must be main selection not a gift


Purpose: To restrict virus replication and thus reduce the possible damage within a physical body.



The Authentic 2020 Virus Inhibitor Field has an updated manual showing attunement methods and activating energy for self and others by Mariah Windsong who writes this energy is especially useful for health care workers who are routinely exposed to viruses through various forms of accident and airborne contact. Anyone who must be in the company of someone infected with a virus may want to activate this energy field on a regular basis.


There are many instances where people come into contact with viruses that lodge in their bloodstream. Often, they are not aware of this until their body’s defenses are compromised by stress, bacterial infection, other illness or environmental influences.


Then the virus, which has been there, yet unable to make enough copies of itself to cause a person illness or damage the skin tissues or other membranes within the body, would makes prolific evidence.


It is important to assist your body’s immune system to reduce the virus cell population by activating the Virus Inhibitor Field at least every 3 hours. This field helps your body and energy fields a less hospitable place for viruses to live.


Each physical body is such a galaxy of variables that there is no way to tell how effective the Virus Inhibitor Field will be for a particular person.


We do know that it will do something beneficial for everyone who seeks health.


The Updated 2020 Manual Which Includes:

  • Attunement for Self
  • Attunement for Another
  • Activation for Self
  • Activation for Another Person


Included with purchase for our student members is the original digital 2020 pdf manual sent electronically by link in your choice of either English or German and orb of life attunement

Updated 2020 Virus Inhibitor Field System Attunement: Be Less Hospital For Virus

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