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2022, Nairãtmyã Empowerment, digital pdf, spiritual transformation

2020, Nairãtmyã Empowerment, digital pdf: Encourages spiritual transformation, Dispel ignorance, habitual predispositions and karma.


Levels 1 Practitioner, no teacher permissions

Founder: A featured system from Rosemary Noel 


About this system:

This system is an upgrade to both the manual and energies from the original system first channeled in 2014.

Nairãtmyã (Tibetan: bdag med ma) is a fully enlightened female deity who is celebrated as the “Selfless One” or the "Embodiment of Emptiness”. Nairãtmyã encourages spiritual transformation, dispels ignorance and habitual predispositions and karma. Working with Nairãtmyã in your meditations may assist on the path of enlightenment. She is enlightened awareness, possessor of the five Buddha wisdoms, universal awareness.


Manual includes attunement for self/.thers, activation for self/others meditational session for self.

With purchase you will receive the original pdf manual sent electronically by email and 1 distant energy attunement  service via orb of life / chi ball

2022, Nairãtmyã Empowerment, digital pdf, spiritual transformation

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