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Poinsettia Seasonal Depression Lifter, Self-Use Attunement: For Depression


Founder Manuela Marques

Levels 1: Personal Use Attunement



Poinsettia Seasonal Depression Lifter Assistance Essence© is a channeled energy crafted to immerse you in the essence, spirit, and blessings of the poinsettia plant, renowned for embodying joy, hope, and love. This essence serves as a supportive companion, especially during the holidays when seasonal depression and loneliness may cast a shadow. AND MUCH MORE, as found in manual!


Included is the original digital 5 page self use manual sent electronically by link with orb of life / chi ball distant attunement service. Manual includes attunement, activation for self and energy treatment for self.





Poinsettia Seasonal Depression Lifter, Self-Use Attunement: For Depression

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