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(Original) Energy Download Attunement: Download Deities, Crystals, Healings


Founder Hari Winarso


Level of difficulty: Medium to high, manual provides activation instruction and a sample technique (usage is limitless for the seasoned energy worker but you must use your experience to utilize your methods).



Founder states, when working with this energy, you can access the energy of gemstones, herbs, planets, deities, etc. You can also download energy writes the founder from an energetic modality and use it for your needs, such as to heal yourself.


Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students found this to be an energy which more seasoned lightworkers would benefit from it is not a beginner energy form by any means.


This listing is for the Original Energy Download Empowerment. Cosmic Goddess Empowerments dear friend Master Hari Winarso brought forth this modality to provide an energetic download techinique.  This technique to allow you to download energy, from anything and from anywhere. An example is given but if you want to use in other areas of your life, magical practice or healing endevours then you will need to configure these techniques on your own!



Includes the digital English translation Original e-manual sent electronically by link and orb of life attunement service.  Manual provides activation instruction, 1 sample technique, and attunement instructions. 

(Original) Energy Download Attunement: Download Deities, Crystals, Healings

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