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Jade Dragon, Digital PDF: Cosmic Chi - wealth luck, protection, ward off illness

Founder: Master Hari Andri Winarso


Levels 1


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About (From the Manual):

Master Hari writes In the China myth, Dragon is a Good Fortune symbol. The symbol of the dragon is said to generate the cosmic chi that brings wealth luck and good fortune as well as offering powerful protection, which can successfully ward off illness and accident. In all the dragon is an all-around bringer of good luck, the Dragon is a powerful enhancer for business luck. It also brings foresight and wisdom for the elderly, brings honor to the family, protects the wearer and paves the way for more accolades in coming years. The Dragon symbol assists to create the precious cosmic chi, the energy that brings good fortune and success luck to houses. JADE :Jade (Yu in Chinese) is also known as the Stone of Heaven. Jade is a desired stone prized for thousands of years in China for its purity, senerity, protective powers and healing qualities. Associated with the Heart Chakra, Jade has benefits to increases love Also said to stimulate creativity and mental agility, and attract good luck and enhance one?s health. Excellent for aiding elimination system of the body such as the health of your kidneys. Good for your digestive system as well. JADE DRAGON EMPOWERMENT :This system will attune you with Jade Dragon energy for health, to attract abundance and prosperity, good fortune, enhance the lucky energy around you. Jade Dragon also is a powerful protection for health, wealth, and the prosperity, meaning once you receive these things the jade dragon energy will protect you from losing them.


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Jade Dragon, Digital PDF: Cosmic Chi - wealth luck, protection, ward off illness

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