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2022, Essence of Jana, digital PDF: Uncovering Secrets, Mysteries & the Hidden

2022, Essence of Jana - Goddess of Secrets, Mysteries and Hidden Things, Practitioner digital PDF: For Divination, Uncovering Secrets and Mysteries


20 March 2021

Founder Rosemary Noel

Levels 1: Practitioner - Self Edification and sharing energy with others but not attuning them



The Goddess Jana is the Moon Goddess of the Janarric Tradition. In Naples, the word Janarra was once used as the word for witch (instead of Strega). The Janarra are the keepers of the lunar mysteries. Sometimes the Janarra are called the Sea Witches, because they once practiced along the coastal regions, and near the Bay of Naples. The word witch is used in reference to the wise woman healers of the time.


Outside of Italian Traditions, Jana is known as the foremother of Juno and Diana. Her name means “luminous sky” and she is often invoked before any other goddess in important undertakings.

Jana is the goddess of secrets, mysteries and hidden things. The gift of psychic vision is given to those who honor her. Invoke her for assistance with divination, uncovering what is hidden, and getting to the root of a secret.

Included in manual:


  • Attunement for self
  • Energy Infusion
  • Activation for self / others
  • Invoking the Goddess
  • Essence of the Goddess Essence Oil


Included with purchase is the Practitioner (no resale privledges) digital PDF manual delivered electronically by link and orb of life / chi ball attunement service.

2022, Essence of Jana, digital PDF: Uncovering Secrets, Mysteries & the Hidden

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