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Brain Care Attunement: For Brain Optimization & Intracranial Pressure Adjustment



August 2021

Founded and manual written by: Mariah Windsong Napieralski Couture

Levels 1 for your self use and sharing energies with others



Brain Care with Brain Optimization, Blood Brain Barrier Enhancement & Intracranial Pressure Adjust and Balance brings a new awakening in the way that your brain functions.


We all have untapped potential in our brain. Brain Care helps your mind access previously under utilized or unreachable regions of your brain in accord with your spirit, soul and Eternal Sacred Source. Many people are ready for spiritual enlightenment in a more conscious way, yet their brains have yet to learn how to give them the perception of divinity gives the spiritual experience they seek.

Brain Care helps you to integrate the energy and any information you receive from Eternal Sacred Source directly or the deity you venerate and are most familiar with as conduit for Eternal Sacred Source. There are times when informational downloads will always seem ephemeral and just out of reach. Sometimes the energy provides all that is needed and any information is for your subconscious mind only. There are other times when a different area of your brain opens up and becomes ‘online’, then your energy downloads opens up to be more available.


Brain Care may feel like an upgrade of energy arriving through your crown chakra.


Included is digital PDF English manual delivered electronically by link and orb of life / chi ball attunement service

Brain Care Attunement: For Brain Optimization & Intracranial Pressure Adjustment

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