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High Head Chakra Flush Attunements 1-2 Astral Perception

April 2022

Founder: Rosemary Noel

Levels 1: Practitioner PDF for self use and activating for a loved one


About the High Head Chakra Flushes:


The energy of the High Head Chakra Flushes system has  ADDITIONAL  ways to work with energies than the original system and has an energy expansion, is an energetic upgrade to previous versions and runs at a greater frequency than other versions of this system and this upgrade is recommended for all.


“As your soul advances into higher frequencies, it is important to activate enhanced and higher energies, so your soul can keep up with this advancement to sustain and allow your soul to advance with the higher frequencies of energies coming to Earth currently”.


The High Head Chakras Flushes Has the Ability To Assist With:

  • Clear and Focused Insight
  • Concentration Expansion
  • Evolved Spiritual Intuition
  • And More


In addition to the 7 well-known chakras, there are a copious amount of chakras (called secondary chakras) which also have great importance; my focus and those chakras included in this system are the 7 predominant chakras located within the head. The Head Chakra Flushes will flush residual and toxic energies. When this occurs, your Head Chakras will begin spinning again and become bright and clear. The residual and toxic energies are replaced with pure unadulterated, unconditional love. When this occurs the result is increased psychic and spiritual opportunities which will begin to surface in your life. You will have increased creativity in all areas and you will have the universe at your fingertips to explore. Thank you for visiting


Includes digital English e-manual sent electronically by link and orb of life attunement to level 1 after 7 days please email for your next attunement.

High Head Chakra Flush Attunements 1-2 Astral Perception

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