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Crown Chakra Flush 2025 Attunement: Claircognizance, Inner Knowing



  • Founder: Rosemary Noel
  • Symbol: No


Level 1: This exclusive system is intended for personal and educational purposes only. Users may utilize it to assist a family member or friend but not for professional client services. It is not designed as an online teaching or healing platform.



This Chakra Flush is an upgrade of the original system with an upgrade of energies and 2018 inclusion of  additional ways to work with energy for self and you may activate for a loved one but not attune them.



Cosmic Goddess Empowerments Students undergoing empowerment will discover that an open crown chakra serves as a direct connection to the spiritual realm, facilitating the merging of one's spiritual essence with the universal source. Additionally, it facilitates access to claircognizance. Cosmic Goddess Empowerments Students will observe that their crown chakra aligns with their individual belief system, spirituality, spiritual journey, and inner wisdom. A balanced crown chakra instills feelings of confidence, tranquility, equilibrium, and security, enabling one to transcend personal limitations.


With your purchase you will receive orb of life distant attunement service and the original English PDF e-manual sent electronically by link

Crown Chakra Flush 2025 Attunement: Claircognizance, Inner Knowing

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