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999 Dragons Breath Attunement: Auspicious flow of Wealth Qi Energy

Channel Unrestricted abundance flow in all areas, then protects the space keeping energy free




Founder Manuela Marques


About Eastern Dragon:

"The benevolent magical Eastern dragon is auspicious and represents excellence, perseverance, decisiveness, ambition is an obstacle remover and perseveres until victory is his".


About the Breath of Dragon

"Dragons Breath is the ultimate vital force or qi of the universe. Qi is found in all living entities and the vapor of the dragon’s breath must continually flow in Feng Shui because it is the essence of life and the process in which wealth chi flows unrestrictedly".


About 999 Dragons Breath

"999 Dragons Breath helps you to establish symmetry and synchronization in your life by clearing the pathway for beneficial and auspicious qi to flow and to be applied to the places where you spend the most time. When good fortune energy approaches your sacred business or personal space, if there is old stale energy trapped in the space, the new approaching good fortune energy can be blocked. 999 Dragon’s Breath loosens the trapped energy so you may have unrestricted abundance flow in all the areas of the life and then protects the space keeping wealth energy free flowing".


Included is the original English 2023 PDF manual sent electronically by link and orb of life distant attunement service.

999 Dragons Breath Attunement: Auspicious flow of Wealth Qi Energy

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