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Christ Cognizance Merkavah Frequency 1&2 Attunement (No BOGO)

A technological overlay vibration


Accredited Reseller:  Cosmic Goddess Empowerments is the only licenced and accredited reseller of this system.


Founder Manuela Marques


Levels 1


Language English 




Symbol: Yes

Founder Manuela Marques


Prerequisite: Student Member for 180 days with previous attunement service from us.



Levels 2: Practitioner PDF, for self use, and sharing energies with loved ones.  No teachers resale rights conveyed.


Wait Between Levels? 7 Days Wait Between Levels



About this system:


The Christ Cognizance Merkavah Frequency is the dispensation of the pure love of God and the technological overlay vibration applied over your 3D reality as you move to the fourth, fifth, sixth seventh, eighth, nineth and higher dimensions in your ascension progression.


Level 1:

As you dwelleth within the vibratory codes of the Christ Cognizance Merkabah Frequency, your light quotient is proliferated and this frequency provides access to the intergalactic gateway, thereby sanctioning the interdimensional leap and circulating access to the interdimensional vibrations to you. This vibration is unconditional love, fear cannot dwelleth here.


Level 2:

Your Vibratory Level is increased 



Included with purchase:


  1.  The original English Practitioner digital PDF 5 page manual delivered electronically by link and,
  2.  Attunement Service for Level 1 delivered via orb of life / chi ball. After 7 days please write us for next level attunement.


Christ Cognizance Merkavah Frequency 1&2 Attunement (No BOGO)