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Ginger Juice Essence Attunement: Reduce Toxins


Founder Master Hari Winarso


Master Hari writes in his manual: Ginger Juice Essence was formulated to enhance your immune system by harnessing the power of ginger, a potent natural source of antioxidants. These antioxidants combat free radicals in the body, which are harmful molecules known to cause cellular damage and contribute to various diseases, such as cancer. According to Master Hari, the energetic properties of Ginger Juice Essence may aid in neutralizing free radicals and supporting recovery from colds or the flu. Metaphysically, it is believed to mend strained relationships and reignite passion in romantic connections.


Included with your purchase the original Digital English  Translation manual sent electronically by link and orb of life method

Ginger Juice Essence Attunement: Reduce Toxins

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