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God's Openings with Angel Pathiel, Attunement: Open Manifestation Opportunities




Pathiel, his name means The Opener. God's Openings with Angel Pathiel was channelled to help you open the sanctified doors for the materialization of opportunities and manifestations. There is no need too small for Angel Pathiel’s intercession!


Angel Pathiel takes your request to the throne room and works on your behalf facilitating the clearing and opening of divine doors for what you need in relationships, career, education, spirituality, psychic visions and any special desire you would like the door opened, as long as it is in the highest most divine good of all and in divine timing. Angel Pathiel assists you to discern that the open door is a door opened by God or a door someone else opened that is not right for you or a door not meant for you


Extensive Manual Includes:

  • Attunement for Self
  • Activation 
  • Petition to Angel Pathiel for Self
  • Petition for a Loved One
  • Self Session


Included with purchase:

The original English PDF manual sent electronically by link and orb of life chi ball distant attunement service


God's Openings with Angel Pathiel, Attunement: Open Manifestation Opportunities

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