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Huggin and Muninn Attunement: Norse God Odin, Ravens, Retrieval of Information



Founder Rosemary Noel


Levels 1




An energy enhancement and expanded manual from the original system channeled in 2009.  This manual now includes activation and energy treatments for others.


Huggin is Thought and Muninn is Memory or Mind. Huggin and Muninn are associated with the God Odin. Huggin and Muninn are sent out at first light by Odin to travel the nine worlds. Upon their return they perch on Odin’s shoulders and whisper the news and information they retrieved on their travels to Odin.


Huggin and Muninn represent the potential of the human mind; they aid us so we can acquire a deeper perception of our soul so we can develop fearlessness, enhanced thought, cognition and strength of memory. In addition, Huginn and Muninn energies can assist with your retrieving information that you might not being privy to.



Included with purchase:


  1.  The original English digital PDF manual delivered electronically by link and,
  2.   Attunement Service via orb of life / chi ball 


Huggin and Muninn Attunement: Norse God Odin, Ravens, Retrieval of Information

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