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God's Holy Immunity Defense Angels, Master digital PDF: Transcend Illness

April 2022


Founder Manuela Marques


Levels 2 - Teachers System.  For your personal use as well as sharing energies with your loved ones and attuning others.  Includes treatments for self and others, petitions for self and others and space clearing


BOGO?  No,  Teacher PDF is not included in buy 1 get 1 free offerings




Loving the energy of her system. Powerful. Needed by so many.


Note: This is an extensive manual with many ways to work with these energies.



God’s Holy Immunity Defense Angels are devoted to you, as God’s ambassadors, to the deliberations when you are needing energetic sustenance and these Angels lend the assistance providing any extra fortifications needed against illness and disease.


God’s Holy Immunity Defense Angels was channeled to connect you with God’s Holy Angels to provide the awe-inspiring light filled assistance on your behalf and this energy will help with the resistance to illness by providing enhanced immunity, protection of health and a speedier recovery for those compromised by illness or disease.


The sacred energy of God’s Holy Immunity Defense Angels provides sanctions to complement your desire for wellness and for additional resistance resources against illness and is especially good for any pathogenic airborne respiratory disease, bacterial infections, fungi, parasites and toxins.


God’s Intuitive Unhealthful Energy Alert function has the ability to empathetically provide you an inner sensing alert to potentially harmful environments and even to people who are infected by illness or contagious disease before they show the outward display of illness. This function works well and will be especially beneficial to those who obtain intuitions or gut feelings such as the intuitive or empath (empathetic).


Cosmic Goddess Empowerments writes: "Manuela Marques states that this is not a miracle energy; it is an extra energetic layer of defense and immunity against disease, in addition to the current personal and spiritual hygiene you already have in place".


Included is the English Teachers digital pdf manual sent electronically by link and orb of life attunements.  The first attunement  is delivered with purchase and after 8 days write Cosmic Goddess Empowerments for the Second Level Teacher attunement.

God's Holy Immunity Defense Angels, Master digital PDF: Transcend Illness

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