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Rose Vibrational Clearing, digital PDF: Vibrational Clearing, Love Magic, Beauty

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Founder Elaine DeCarlo


Levels 1




The Rose Vibrational Clearing brings forth the countless benefits that can be obtained when you work with the ethereal properties of flowers.


Some of the systems benefits are:


  • To increase purifying vibrational energies!
  • To increase a feeling of peace & serenity! To enhance psychic abilities!
  • To enhance inner and outer beauty!
  • To bring about protection from helping Spirits, Angels & Saints!
  • To draw more love to you! To draw the fairies to you!


The Rose:


  • The Rose increases beauty, both physical & inner.
  • The Rose offers protection against negative entities & energies.
  • The Rose is used in purification of all kinds.
  • The Rose is used to draw love to those that desire.
  • The Rose helps to enhance psychic powers.
  • The Rose has soothing, healing energies.
  • The Rose helps in all divination.
  • The Rose brings about peace.


Magical working instructions included for drawing love to you using White, Red, Lavender Roses and using yellow Rose for beauty.


Included with purchase:


  1.  The original English digital PDF manual delivered electronically by link and,
  2.   Attunement Service via orb of life / chi ball 


Rose Vibrational Clearing, digital PDF: Vibrational Clearing, Love Magic, Beauty

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