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Mystical Assistant Attunement: Learn to Summons Virtuous Powers of Beings


Founder Hari Winarso

Prerequisite: Student Member for 90 days and previous attunements history with us


Disclaimer: Magickal Assistant is not intended for summoning djinn, demons, dark forces, etc., and will not work for such purposes. This system is specifically designed for self-use and is recommended by Master Hari for experienced light workers.




Cosmic Goddess Empowerments introduces the Mystical Assistant Empowerment by Master Hari Winarso. This modality aims to enhance your ability to summon mystical beings and harness their virtuous powers. According to Master Hari, you can utilize the Mystical Assistant Empowerment to call upon magickal beings, like dragons, to act as etheric guardians. Direct them to safeguard you from any dangers, negativities, or evil forces, or seek their assistance in removing such influences.


Master Hari further explains that the Mystical Assistant Empowerment facilitates a connection with mystical beings such as unicorns, nature spirits, or the fae. These beings can support you in achieving your goals, finding success in various aspects of life, and obtaining desired outcomes. Working closely with these mystical beings allows you to tap into their powers for the greater good. While mystical beings may have their own consciousness during their tasks, their loyalty remains absolute and unbreakable. They are pure light magickal mystical beings, ensuring that their service is always for your highest good and incapable of turning against you.


Included is orb of life attunement service and English translation digital pdf ebook instructional manual sent electronically by link

Mystical Assistant Attunement: Learn to Summons Virtuous Powers of Beings

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