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Magickal Bloodroot Essence Attunement:  Help Heal Broken Heart


Founder Hari Winarso

Levels 1

Symbol No




Magickal Bloodroot Essence is a potent elixir cherished by some Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students on their spiritual path. This essence serves to expand consciousness and elevate wisdom to the highest levels, guiding students toward profound insights and understanding.


Many Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students already recognize the transformative power of bloodroot. It transmutes the Heart Chakra, facilitating the release of Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students anger, sadness, fears, and anxiety, turning Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students negative emotions into positive ones. Through its energy, Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students have experienced a constant flow of love, joy, compassion, and a sense of relief and freedom.


In this practice, Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students can utilize Magickal Bloodroot Essence to effectively clear negativities and stimulate healing energies to mend the broken heart. It becomes a guiding light on our journey toward emotional healing and spiritual renewal.


Moreover, as Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students, harness the power of Magickal Bloodroot Essence to enhance concentration, meditation, and creative visualization. It serves as a catalyst for deepening our spiritual practices and connecting with the divine on profound levels.


Master Hari Winarso's guidance further emphasizes the significance of Magickal Bloodroot Essence for Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students. With its help, awaken spirituality and accelerate their journey.


Included is the original English translation e-manual sent to you electronically by link and orb of life chi ball  attunement service

Magickal Bloodroot Essence Attunement: Help Heal Broken Heart


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