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Lucky Red Reiki, digital PDF: Inhibit Harmful Chi, Auspicious Red for Luck

2022, Lucky Red Reiki, digital pdf by Manuela Marques: Good Fortune & Joy, Welcome Inbound Luck & Inhibit Harmful Chi Occurring In Home & Business



Founder Manuela Marques



Manuela Marques writes:


Lucky Red Reiki was channelled to connect you to the favorable benefits of the lucky color red. Red symbolizes good fortune and joy. In many cultures, red is an auspicious color. Lucky Red Reiki assists you to welcome inbound luck into your household or place of business. Red is an intense color, representing fire, red is the color that inhibits harmful chi from occurring within your home or business and the color red can be used to redirect chi around the space of your home and MORE!


You will receive 1 distant energy attunement service by orb of life chi ball and the 2022 digital PDF English  e-manual sent electroncially by link

Lucky Red Reiki, digital PDF: Inhibit Harmful Chi, Auspicious Red for Luck

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