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Doubt Demons Flush Attunement:  For illogical fear, self-pressure, insecurity




Founder Manuela Marques

Practitioner:  Self Use Attunement and activate for self and a loved one



About Doubt Demons:


A doubt demon characteristically materializes after a small failure in the life such as losing a job, a failed relationship ending, inability to find a job or follow a healthy lifestyle. Doubt Demons can bring Illogical fear, worry, self pressure, insecurity and worry of failure and worse failing again!


About "Doubt Demon Flush©:


Manuela writes in her copyrighted PDF, "Doubt Demon Flush© was channeled to secure a connection between God, the Angels to help destroy any doubt demon in your life.  A doubt demon begins as a negative thought form, one that utters lies inside the head, leaving us to question our judgement, ability, confidence, and self-worth"."


Doubt Demon Flush© helps to remove the debilitating emotions and mental uncertainties such of lack of self-confidence about ourselves which can impede our daily performance at home, school, or work, causing us to feel that this aspect of our life is not secure. Doubt Demon Flush© helps us to release that uncertainty, by strengthening our connection to Source, allowing Source to be the bedrock and the true source of power in our life.


 Note: This system isn't a replacement for medical treatment or care but works in conjunction with it.


Included is the original digital 5 page practitioner manual sent electronically by link with orb of life / chi ball distant attunement service. Manual includes attunement, activation for self and others and energy treatment for self and others.





Doubt Demons Flush Attunement: For illogical fear, self-pressure, insecurity

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