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Lama Fera Healing, 1-2 (No BOGO): Direct the Healing Energy of Lord Buddha



Founder Jose Marinho DeSantos / Translation by Jens Soeborg

Levels 2 Practitioner  & Master System

Manuals: 2 PDF manuals sent as a Zip Digital PDF w/attunement information by orb of life

Symbols Yes Many

Mantra Yes


Prerequisites & Level of Difficulty: High, there are no system prerequisites but reiki training is recommended as well as the ability to work independently with energies, understand various concepts.




Dear Cosmic Goddess Empowerments Students, Lama Fera is a very old Tibetan system that came to the West through Energy Master Rajeev Wagle in September 2001.


The authorJens writes, “We have chosen the slightly different name to show that it is not exactly the same system as Lama Fera. As the origin goes back a long time, we have re-channeled the energy.” The manual has been reworked in English translation by José and laid out by Jen Soborg.



Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students, Lama Fera is a powerful energy healing system practiced by Tibetan Lamas for many hundreds of years. For Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students, it's essential to know that the word "lama" means "teacher" and equals the Sanskrit word "guru." The word "fera" means "round" or more specifically, "around the body."


The Universal Life Force energy, which in Lama Fera emanates from Lord Gautama Buddha, is channeled through Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students as the healer and directed towards disease via the use of symbols drawn with a crystal wand or visualized.


For Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students, the Lama Fera healing system is very sacred because it involves Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students as the healer connecting directly with Lord Gautama Buddha and channeling the healing energy of Lord Buddha.


Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students when he was physically incarnate on this planet, Lord Buddha developed great healing skills through extensive meditation, enabling him to access the knowledge of the Universal Consciousness.





  • Increase Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students spiritual abilities
  • Improve the effectiveness of Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students meditations
  • Use can help Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students relieve pain and discomfort caused by chronic diseases
  • Help Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students remove unwanted spirits
  • Assist Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students to cleanse buildings
  • Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students use to help overcome fear, anxiety, stress, and mental tensions
  • Improve Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students memory and visualization
  • Assist Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students reconnection with the Higher Self

h translation digital e-manual pdf sent electronically by link.


With purchase you will receive:

The original English pdf manuals by Jose Marino and a distant orb of life attunement service delivered 7 days apart

Lama Fera Healing, 1-2 (No BOGO): Direct the Healing Energy of Lord Buddha


    You can work with symbols on yourself like Reiki symbols, and to activate them it is required to practice them on self for continuous seven days.

    The intention in using these symbols is  " Lord Buddha does the healing, we are medium". And it is for welfare of humanity and a healthy society.

    There are six symbols in Practitioner level:

    1 “Alluma” - for protection from negative energies

    2 “Ammen” - for removing deep rooted fears

    3 “Triyambhak” - for giving message to a person, normally drawn on third eye.

    4 ”Vakratund” - drawn from throat chakra to root chakra with intention that cleasing all negative energy collects in navel , which now is working as a laboratory trough the inspiration/- aspiration method of Dan-Tien or Hara meditation .

    5 “Nyas” - to remove the collected negative energy.

    6 “Ayushi” - Used to bless, astral travel and distance Healing

    The Teacher level contains six more symbols; it allows one to attune others. And it consists of two attunements, done in a span of six hours. To receive the Attunement as a Teacher that is the upgrade level in which you awakens Lord Buddha’s healing power. Through intent, and concentration, you invoke the attunement of the master deep in yourself, and your teacher is sending you all the twelve symbols :

    7 ”Kriyasar” - again for protection

    8 “Kriyaman” - for balancing the five elements

    9 “Nitya”- for balancing energies; drawn from throat to root, and then with sweeping motion the energies are balanced at heart.

    10 “Indrakshi”- cooling

    11 ”Pawak” - heat

  • The entire world knows that Lord Gautama Buddha had immense healing powers through meditations which he used for healing the suffering people and today his disciples or teachers (Lamas) have invented a many healing techniques and one of the methods is: Lama Fera.

    Lama Fera is a natural and very powerful healing technique. This technique has no negative effects because the tools being used in healings are used from outside the body.  It is being made clear here that in Lama Fera, healings are conducted both on the outer as well as on the inner levels and you will need to work with these tools during these healings.

    The tools:

    • Earth Sticks
    • Burning Stick
    • Sketchu Mala
    • Maroon Robe

    NOW, in the  LAMA FERA LIGHTWORKER HEALING SYSTEM version you do not need these tools exactly - you can make your own, using guidance from your Higher Self, such as making ethereal tools.This is one of the reasons this system is has a difficulty of high because untrained students will have to research this on the Internet. Or you can purchase the physical tools or take an Ole Gabrielsen system as a buy 1 get 1 free where you are taught how to make energy tools such as in the 2017 Ascended Master Series and you can then make your own ethereal tools, but if you are not a skilled reiki lightworker, this process could be difficult. So consider this before purchasing.

    Level 2 Master/Master Teacher:

    As we saw the Lama-Fera healing system is a very sacred system because it involves the healer connecting direct with Lord Buddha and channelling direct the healing energy of Lord Buddha. When he was physically incarnate on this planet,

    Lord Buddha was able to develop great healing skills following his extensive practice of meditation which enabled him to access the knowledge of the Universal Consciousness. Although he is no longer in physical incarnation, it is still possible to channel his healing energies.

    One of the effects of these energies is to open the third eye chakra, the psychic and intuitive centre and more. Protected by Copyscape Plagiarism Check.  Listing information is copyright to Cosmic Goddess Empowerments 2006-2020 All Rights Reserved. Our listings and content are protected by Copyscape which tracks cut and paste of our content on the Inter

    It is then possible for you to connect with the energies of some of the Higher Lamas and Protectors Beings that helps Lord Buddha in Lama Fera Healings , and to draw their energy down into your personal energy field as well. Once that link is made, they will sometimes give you the guidance within the healing sessions as appropriate. Sometimes the guidance takes the form of picture images appearing in your third eye centre, which you have to interpret.Sometimes the guidance takes the form of just knowing something or feeling something. Sometimes you are told or inspired what crystals pencils you must use use in a healing session.

    To receive the Attunement as Master Teacher that is the upgrade level in which you awakens Buddha’s healing Cosmic Power you must meditate in the figure of Buddha & the infinite compassion of Our Lord .You could choose what Buddha’s drawings or statues you liked. Through intent, and concentration you invoke the attunement of Master -Teacher, yet your Master was sending you all the Six Master-Teacher symbols. 


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