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Illness or Surgery Distant Energy Session, W/Informational PDF


Buy 1 Get 1: Sessions are not included in bogo offerings


Facilitator: Rosemary Noel,  Spiritual Elder and founding author of more than 200 energy systems


About Distant Energy Sessions:


Rosemary works in accord with your soul, your higher self, your angels and trusted Deity(s) to facilitate your session. Rosemary sets the intention of the session for your best and most perfect good. She then begins to transmit the session energies for you. The transmission is done by intention distantly and you receive at your convenience.


About This Session:

This session is excellent for energy assistance if you need help in recovery, clearing or pain management or relief after surgery or during illness. This session connects you to and puts you in synchronization of energies chosen specifically for your illness or concern to energetically strengthen your immune system, to ease or clear your physical  symptoms with ethereal energies or any others specific to your individual symptoms. including shielding you from other people’s toxicities around your energy field and more.


You will receive an informational pdf with information about your session and how to call in the streamed energies".



Your Purchase Includes:


  • "Call in at your convenience” activations  so that when you “call in” your orb of life / chi-ball session, it is completely energetically delivered to you. You may activate your session three times.
  • You will also receive session notes sent electronically by link by Cosmic Goddess Empowerments via with a short summary describing your session and of anything observed or felt while facilitating it.


Delivery Time:


Rosemary's sessions are popular and the length of time necessary to provide you your session is dependent on the number of requests she has received ahead of yours. Please allow 72 hours to 5 days for your session to be completed. Your digital PDF informational is delivered by Cosmic Goddess Empowerments by link when your session is ready.




We do not diagnose, cure, heal or treat any physical, mental, spiritual or emotional condition. You are responsible for how you perceive your session and bear all responsibility for any outcome. Energy works in accord with you, your higher self and soul. No medical claims are made nor suggested, only your soul and God decides on what level your energies are received.

Illness or Surgery Distant Energy Session, W/Informational PDF


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