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Inner Galactic Attunement:  Higher Beings Connection



Founder Hari Winarso

Levels 1



Inner Galactic Empowerment assists to invoke the light to illuminate your consciousness, and let it be a guide within your heart and mind. Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students say they've found with working with this energy they create a strong connection with their higher self and this helps makes a connection to higher beings to more fully explore and understand spirituality and fulfil Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students highest potential. And more you will find in the manual.



 As the original accredited reseller since 2010, we unequivocally guarantee the authenticity and integrity of the energy transmitted by Master Hari to our students. This assurance is of paramount importance due to the rampant unauthorized distribution, including counterfeit copies and unauthorized translations. Our unwavering commitment ensures that students receive genuine and potent transmissions directly from the source, precisely as presented in our offerings


Included with purchase is the original English digital manual sent electronically by link and distant orb of life attunement

Inner Galactic Attunement: Higher Beings Connection


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