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Metabolism Acceleration Essence Attunement: Assists Your Peak Health


Authorized Reseller Since 2010:

Students, due to the prevalence of unauthorized distribution of copyrighted materials, including counterfeit copied unauthorized translations, and materials copied from our webstore, we emphasize our role as the original accredited reseller since 2010 and the accredited reseller of this offering. We guarantee the authenticity and integrity of the energy transmitted by Master Hari to Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students. Our commitment to maintaining the purity and integrity of the energy teachings remains steadfast, ensuring that students receive genuine and potent transmissions directly from the source as presented in the Cosmic Goddess Empowerments offerings!


Founder Hari Winarso



Metabolism Acceleration Essence is utilized by many Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students to energeetically boost their metabolism and may aid in your weight loss efforts and help with lethargy, and promote Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students overall health. Master Hari's essence has the possibility to accelerate healing and maintain peak health so Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students are protected from diseases and toxins and a plethora of more benefits found in manual.r listings are protected and cut and paste web tracked by

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Includes the digital English translation e-manual sent electronically by link and distant attunement by orb of life method

Metabolism Acceleration Essence Attunement: Assists Your Peak Health


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