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Magickal Neem Tree Essence, digital pdf: Skin Care Energetic Treatment


Founder: Hari Winarso

Levels 1

Symbol No

Mudra No



Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students find that Magickal Neem Tree Essence has energetic benefits to help your skin to become healthier and glowing.  So Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students this essence may help you feel more comfort, confidence, and positive with your body and appearance. Cosmic Goddess Empowerments recommend you apply the enegy essence along with whatever you are using now  for your skin as an extra benefit.


Master Winarso channeled Magickal Neem Tree Essence to give energetic treatment for Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students skin to help to assist in the healing and relief from  skin disease related disorders by an increase the cell rejuvenation.  Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students may apply to accelerate regeneration on the damaged area of your skin. Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students say it is  helpful in revitalizing the skin and give a glowing appearance and more you will find in Master Hari's words in his manual.As the original accredited reseller since 2010, we unequivocally guarantee the authenticity and integrity of the energy transmitted by Master Hari to our students. This assurance is of paramount importance due to the rampant unauthorized distribution, including counterfeit copies and unauthorized translations. Our unwavering commitment ensures that students receive genuine and potent transmissions directly from the source, precisely as presented in our offerings ur lising information is copyright to and is web tracked and internet protected by webscape.

Includes digital e-manual in English translation sent electronically by link and orb of life attunement service

Magickal Neem Tree Essence, digital pdf: Skin Care Energetic Treatment


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