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Karmic Flowers Attunement: Spiritual Insecurity, Dissolve Barriers and More!

Founder: Master Hari Andri Winarso


Levels 1


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What we call Karma is actually the result of the Universal Principle of Cause and Effect working out in our lives. In simple terms this principle ensures that the Universe returns to us exactly what we give out in life, be it positive or negative.


The Karmic Flower System is a powerful energy that helps to open the inner doorway to the heart of an issue, promoting a swift release of any unconscious belief pattern that may be holding you back. 


You will receive 1 attunement and after your attunement you may activate the Karmic Flower Essences :


  1. Lily Essence
  2. Valerian Essence
  3. Pink Rose Essence
  4. White Bluebell Essence
  5. Iris Essence
  6. Orchid Essence
  7. Yellow Rattle Essence
  8. Fuchsia Essence
  9. Geranium Essence


About the flower essences (English is not Master Hari's main language)


1. Lily Essence :


This essence helps to keep us aligned with our spirituality, bringing greater peace, serenity & comfort. It is especially helpful for those experiencing feelings of spiritual insecurity – something that can happen to us all from time to time. Also helps to gently dissolve the barriers, and to release the old energy bringing understanding and the ability to reach out to others once again.


2. Valerian Essence :


For those with deep reluctance to fully take part in life or to completely occupy the physical body due to past difficult experiences which, although long forgotten, continue to exert an unconscious influence on the personality. Some in need of this essence might choose to live in the past, happier times, imaginary future where life will be better or those who all too easily are caught up in the whirling thoughts of an overactive mind. Valerian helps us to uncover and transform the deep-seated beliefs that underpin these states at a personality level.


3. Pink Rose Essence :


Fearful and traumatic experiences have been a part of life on Earth for thousands of years and many people still have the emotional memory of these experiences locked away in their unconscious. Pink Rose will help to unlock these old memories and transform the crystallized energy that has collected around the issues. Once the root cause has been brought into the light of awareness, it is much easier for us to recognize the lesson attached to the original experience and to overcome the fear.


4. White Bluebell Essence :


This essence is for those (empaths) who are acutely and uncomfortably aware of the thoughts and emotions of others and are often unable to recognize that these are not their own. White Bluebell provides a cloak of protection which allows the personality to bring into awareness the unconscious reasons why it is unable to make healthy personal boundaries.


5.  Iris Essence :


For those unconsciously still locked into these old memories, the personality continues to try to ‘‘fix’’ everything around them by subtly attempting to coerce, control or criticize others into doing what they consider right. Iris Essence helps to dissolve these old mindsets, allowing the personality to release the burden of unrealistic responsibility.


6. Orchid Essence :


For those with feelings of uncertainty originate from a belief in separation from Source and therefore from the higher aspects of ourselves. Without this connection we are unable to guide ourselves through life from an intuitive knowing of what is right for us, which can create situations where we experience great doubt and uncertainty at a personality level. Orchid takes us deep into the origin of these uncomfortable states allowing them to transform and our consciousness to expand so that once again we are able to feel our connection with Source.


7. Yellow Rattle Essence :


Those in need of this essence carry an innate sadness and melancholy from previous lifetimes that they are often unable to express, and which causes recurring and apparently unfounded feelings of hopelessness and despair to surface in their current lives. The intense sadness of this state is not easy to understand as the originating issue has been deeply buried in the unconscious. Yellow Rattle will gently open the inner doorways that will enable the old memories to be released and transformed.


8. Fuchsia Essence :


Fuchsia helps to quickly release pent up emotions such as anger, fear & resentment from the heart chakra, giving us access to the higher perspective on a situation that will allow us to forgive and move on.



9. Geranium Essence :


Geranium helps those who recognize the need to contact their spiritual essence but cannot seem to find the doorway that will give them access to this part of themselves. This situation can create a feeling of being in the dark or a feeling of gloominess. Geranium helps to open the inner doorways so that we can more easily contact our own inner light.


With purchase our registered student members will receive:


The English translation  digital e-manual PDF sent electronically by link AND orb of life/chi ball distant  attunement service.  

Karmic Flowers Attunement: Spiritual Insecurity, Dissolve Barriers and More!


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